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More than Morris Dancing

Joining Pilgrim gives you access to more than morris dancing. For example, we put on the annual Guildford Twelfth Night Mummers Play; organise social events, and traditional games such as Horseshoes and skittles. You can do as much or as little as you want. So, why not give Pilgrim a go? It keeps you fit, it is free, and it is fun.

Pilgrim postcards

Our new glossy postcards are now available free from various outlets, including the Guildford Tourist Information Office, Libraries, Folk Clubs

Spot the beermat

Pilgrim’s beer mats are still out there, so next time you’re in a pub in the Guildford/ Farnham/ Godalming area, look out for the Pilgrim Beer Mat.

To be a Pilgrim

 Want to learn to dance the Morris? We are recruiting both dancers and musicians –  come and give it a go. Practice Season starts on October 3th,  we practice at Pewley Down School, Guildford, from 8 to 10pm on Wednesday evenings.  No experience is necessary and we’re a fun and friendly bunch.

Now’s your chance, give the morris a go this Autumn and you could be joining the wonderful Pilgrim Morris Men next season as we dance at fairs, festivals, community events and pubs in Guildford and beyond.